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We deeply analyze and evaluate the possibilities of each project with our engineering team, to find the best way to solve the previous requirements. It is not necessary that the client gives us a statement of the work, but only a general description of the concept, that help us define the project.

Hardware and firmware engineering

We have more than a decade of expertise developing printed cirtuit boards (PCBs) and sensors, as the first step in the process of creating a connected device. The final result is property of our client, and not replicable (terms previously accorded).

Industrial design

We work with drawings and models to reach the best conceptualization of the idea. The main objective is to join the technical and mechanical part with the aesthetics, to get the best device for our customer.

Custom software

We design tailored platforms and servers, that allow the user to manage and collect data from the products we’ve developed. They are 100% personalized platforms with an optimised communications protocol, that guarantee the information is end-to-end encrypted, so completely secure.