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What Are IoT Solutions?

IoT solutions help deliver and manage the disparate parts of IoT, like devices, sensors, security, networks, and platforms.

Sensors give everyday devices and objects smart, connected functionality, and many IoT devices are now designed with multiple sensors to gather a variety of data, which can be collected, analyzed, and acted upon. As the IoT expands, more companies are using system on a chip (SoC) solutions to save space and improve integration. Security measures that protect IoT devices and networks from attacks are more frequently being built into IoT devices’ core operations through an IoT security architecture. Finally, the IoT platform is a flexible, secure, and efficient foundation for IoT that spans connectivity, device, and data management.

To keep pace with the rapid development of new IoT devices, companies are taking advantage of IoT solutions that offer real-time and rich operating systems, low-power devices, and embedded security features. IoT solutions can include, more specifically, IoT technology solutions, IoT device management solutions, and IoT security solutions.

Smart Home Technology Transformed

Always-on devices are becoming reality for Internet of Things (IoT) homes, where the home adapts seamlessly around the family living there. These new enhanced and connected everyday objects such as smoke detectors, TVs, refrigerators, smart lighting, and heating systems are now using sensor technology to constantly gather data about the physical world around us.

The bridging of our physical and digital worlds is making our lives better, simpler, and easier. In embracing this shift, Arm offers a family of scalable, compatible IP products that provide manufacturers with the flexibility they need to simplify the creation of smart home technology at a cost that makes production viable.

Mobile Technology for the Future

Innovation and consumer demand for new experiences are driving mobile technology trends and challenging companies to produce always-on, always-connected 5G-ready devices. Consumers want a range of mobile devices, from smartphones to laptops to PCs, that must feature immersive computing, with powerful artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and machine learning capabilities. Arm offers a broad range of IP to enable developers, SiPs and OEMs to meet these increasingly complex requirements.

IoT Utilities Offer Opportunity

As utilities businesses experience digital transformation and become IoT utilities, they rely heavily on data for activities, including dynamic pricing, managing supply, and the analysis of future needs. The integrity and security of that data are paramount for organizations managing the spectrum of critical infrastructure, including electricity, solar, gas, heat, and water.

IoT for Smart Cities Transforms Urban Areas

Cities are constantly striving to be sustainable, more responsive to events and changes, and safer and healthier for their residents. A smart city aims to achieve these goals using digital, connected technology while addressing challenges such as rapid urbanization, pollution, climate change, and resource constraints. To do so, city officials are examining all the functions they provide—from transportation, energy, healthcare, and street lighting to better educational and cultural spaces—and asking how the Internet of Things (IoT) can transform the urban environment.

Layered Security for the Next One Trillion Devices

Arm technology is in billions of devices today, a number we expect to grow to more than a trillion by 2035. To protect the billions of devices entering the market, IoT security cannot be an afterthought but must be layered in to form a symbiotic relationship between hardware and software.

Why? Because your device is only as strong as your weakest link – a single vulnerability could compromise an entire device.

The Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is an architecture-agnostic framework for implementing technologies, processes, and measures designed to protect systems, networks, and data from a range of attacks and a broad spectrum of vulnerabilities.

Based on four key stages: analyze, architect, implement and certify, the PSA is a guide through the complex world of security design, identifying threats to a system, and recommending and describing which counter-measures to implement. The Akam security portfolio is built to achieve PSA principles, so organizations can deploy the right level of robustness to best match the needs of each application.

Data center infrastructure

Build scalable and distributed data centers that combine the best of IT, open source and the cloud.

Our data center infrastructure portfolio lets you meet the demands of telco applications and open, interoperable cloud solutions. It helps you deliver flawless experiences. transform mission-critical communications, minimize costs and speed service delivery.

IP networks

Our IP Networks portfolio lets you combine massive capacity with tremendous capability. Powered by breakthrough silicon and software innovations, our products and solutions support an insight-driven, automated model for high-performance networking. They help you embrace cloud, 5G, and Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities by enabling you to build more scalable, secure, and adaptive networks.