Who We Are

Akam Mechatronics Company , contains of the top graduates of Iran’s top universities, which after years of working in the industry and gaining experience in the highest level of knowledge, and carrying out several international and domestic projects, to enhance the technical level of the country. Has been. The goal of the company is to localize the products needed by the industry in the field of advanced IoT and industrial automation in order to increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs, increase management capabilities as well as transfer data over secure and impenetrable network platforms using the latest technology. Up-to-date technologies are built on internal servers.

Our Experience

Software Design
Hardware Design
Network Security

Our Team Members

Amin Lashgari
Amin LashgariCreative Director
Mohammad Saghafi
Mohammad SaghafiChairman Of The Board
Back-end & Embedded Solutions Team Lead
Vahid Kadivar
Vahid KadivarVice Chairman Of The Board
Front-end & Web App Team Lead
Ebrahim Kheirkhah
Ebrahim Kheirkhah Electrical and Communication Devices Expert
AmirHossein Rashidi
AmirHossein Rashidi Financial Lead