AKAM Techno Inc. By studying and researching about Smart Wagon, has designed and manufactured a system that can be effective on increasing the efficiency of the rail freight transport and significantly reducing maintenance costs.

AKAM Smart Monitoring module includes three parts: device, Cloud services (IWS) and Dashboard.

The system’s hardware equipment will be installed on the wagons in the intended locations, and the data of the sensors and modules are transmitted in the independent communication platform through the Cloud Services (IWS).

AKAM Dashboard is provided on the web and can control and monitor all devices on the downstream network. In this Dashboard panel, different access levels can be set for users, so that after authentication and logging in the system, it is possible to use its various capabilities according to the access level.

Some of the Capabilities of Dashboard panel:

  • On the admin panel, by entering the GIS module, the position of the wagons of each train is graphically marked on the map.

  • Another features of the admin panel is the ability to display the trajectory of wagons and system faults.

  • In case of any event in the system, including change status, end of wagon loading, reaching to the destination, disconnection of wagons, etc., it will be displayed as Real time in the alarm section and various alarms can be displayed in this field.

  • If the system is turned off, or the panel is closed, alarms and other events will be notified to the user and the user will be notified of system events.

  • The provided service also has the ability to send system alarms to the user via SMS.

  • On this panel, the user can Config, planning and define different types of scenarios, including defining the start and end time of trains, defining the time and type of loading and unloading of wagons, and so on.

The first solution is using a wireless sensor network to connect the controller installed at the station and the wagons. This method is a solution for battery-based smart devices that need to communicate over long distances or in remote locations. To install a wireless network-based measurement system, you must first create this network coverage. This means that controllers need to be installed at stations. Each wagon is capable of sending sensor data up to a distance of 500 meters from the network. After creating the network coverage and placing each wagon in the wireless network range, sensor data is possible on this platform. Battery consumption is very low in this solution. Finally, the user is able to monitor and control the process through the application.

In the second solution, a controller is installed on each wagon to collect the sensor data, and the data transfer of the sensors is instantaneous.

In this method, solar energy is used. For this purpose, electronic boards have been designed at a reasonable cost to collect data from each wagon.




Advantages of AKAM’s proposed system:

  • Using a controller with easy installation

  • Implement a wireless wagon network through smart sensors

  • Provide a secure platform for monitoring devices with different brands

  • Ability to monitor events if there is a fault in the system or sensor performance

features of the module:

  • Position monitoring and tracking of wagons in the system

  • Identify the presence or absence of load in each wagon due to Ultrasonic waves

  • Identify the connection of wagons at the junction of two wagons

  • Ability to monitor and detect the movement of each wagon