Smart Tunnel

AKAM Technical and Engineering Group has the ability to offer its products and services in areas such as smart tunneling in the field of production of SCADA and IOT systems. In this solution, a Gateway is provided that communicates with PLCs and downstream networks, and it allows data exchange between the automation system and the upstream Cloud environment.

This gateway includes OPC UA server, UA OPC client and industrial protocols, which provide a platform to connect to a variety of field controllers. In this gateway, the necessary configurators for OPC settings and definition of nodes and etc. are considered. Another part of the Gateway is the HMI, which can be used to create or edit the HMI required for the process, making it unique among other products due to its configurator capabilities. Created HMI is accessible through the site and the application. In the cloud section of this solution, brokers and various services are provided to access data, events, and the possibility of logs, history, and alarms. Security issues have also been addressed. It should be noted that all services, related to the server and gateway have been designed and implemented in AKAM Techno Inc., and there is no dependence on the licenses of foreign companies.

Tunnel subsystems

:PLC based systems like

  • Ventilation
  • Lighting (also roadside, if required)
  • Water pump control (also roadside if required)
  • Trans-illuminated signage
  • Fire alarm
  • Smoke detectors
  • Non-video based visibility measurement
  • Power and power back-up system monitoring
  • Air quality (CO, CO2, NO and other gases) measurement and control
  • Emergency roadside telephones
  • Rebroadcasting systems
  • Public announcement (PA) systems
  • Other

Ventilation control system

 Ventilation control system is comprised with sensor, ventilation control panel, and ventilation fan.

  • Sensor (traffic counter (TC), carbon monoxide meter (CO), visibility index meter (VI), airflow meter (AV), fire sensor, traffic incident detector)
  • Ventilation control panel (instrumentation panel, ventilation control panel, ventilation power panel)
  • Ventilation fan (jet-fan, supply/exhaust fan, precipitator) A structure of road tunnel ventilation system is illustrated below.